1. What is Legacy MessagesTM?

A: Legacy MessagesTM is the first site of its kind that provides our users the ability to curate their own personal legacy online for their loved ones and future generations. More than a social networking site and digital scrapbook, Legacy MessagesTM allows you to tell the story of your life in real time with photos, videos and messages. More than a digital scrapbook, Legacy MessagesTM was created with the idea that in this day in age, we can and should be able to provide our loved ones with a record of the special moments and milestones in our lives, even after we are gone, that they can go back and look at, at any time.

2. How do I change my profile picture?

A: You can easily change your profile picture by clicking on your profile image and either uploading a new image or selecting one from your gallery.

3. How do I delete an image?

A: To delete an image simply go to your albums, click on the icon on the lower right corner and click “MANAGE PHOTOS”. There you will be given the option to delete the image.

4. How do I create a new chapter to My Story?

A: Creating a new chapter is easy. Go to My Story and click “Add Chapter”. Select a title for the chapter as well as a cover image. To edit the chapter and add photos, videos, text and more, click on the chapter’s title and you will be taken into a section where you can update the content.

5. How do I create a Time Capsule?

A: To create a Time Capsule, click on My Time Capsules. Then click New Time Capsule. Give the new Time Capsule a name. You can add photos from an exiting gallery or upload them from your hard drive, mobile device or tablet. Once the Time Capsule has been created you can click on the drop down menu on the lower right. There you can view, edit, delete, or send your Time Capsule. You can also view your Time Capsule in Movie Mode. Movie Mode allows you to create a short film of all of your video and image files in your time capsule in one movie clip. To send a Time Capsule to someone, click SEND. Enter either a user’s name on Legacy MessagesTM or send to an external email address. You can add a personal message to the recipient. You can send the Time Capsule immediately, or set a date for the Time Capsule to be viewed in the future. Time Capsules are private unless you share them with others. IF you share your Time Capsule, an email will be sent to the recipient with a code that will allow them to view the contents of your Time Capsule.

6. What kind of files can go in a Time Capsule?

A: Time Capsules can support a variety of files, including jpgs, MP3 files doc .docx .pdf and mp3 files.

7. How do I send a Future Message?

A: To send a Future Message, go to My Messages and write a message to the designated recipient. You can send a Future Message to another Legacy Message member or to an email address outside of the system. After you have created your message, instead of hitting SEND, choose a date and time you want to send the message in the future, and the message will be delivered to the recipient at the time you designate.

8. How do I share a Legacy Moment?

A: Sharing a Legacy Moment is as easy as going to your own profile or the timeline that other users can see. You can upload photos, text, video and audio files, as well as add comments and determine who you want to share the Moment with. When you are done creating your Moment, click POST LEGACY and the Legacy Moment will be added to your profile.

9. How do I answer a question?

A: Either directly answer the questions that appear to the right on the screen or click on “My Questions” and answer the questions. You can skip a question if you do not with to answer it.

10. How do I make my own questions?

A: Create your own questions by going into “My Questions” and creating your own.

11. How do I control who sees my information?

A: When you post on Legacy MessagesTM, you can control who among your friends sees your information. When you post to your timeline, you can either choose to make the post visible to your entire network, Your Friends, Your Family or make the post only visible to yourself.

12. How do I add/remove people from My Circles?

A: You have the option of adding people to your circles. You can put people in circles such as Friends, Family, Children. By grouping people in Circles, you can control what of your personal information and posts are shown to each group.

13. How do I add / search for friends?

A: You can search for a person’s name in the search bar at the top of page. If you locate them, click “Add To Network”. You can also click on your friend’s friends and add them to your network by

14. How do I create a Gallery?

A: Creating a Gallery is an easy way to organize all of your photos. You can easily create a new gallery by clicking “Create Gallery”, name it and upload as many photos as you like. You can also add descriptions to each photo. You can choose to make galleries private or share with your friends.

15. How do I delete a Gallery?

A: To delete a Gallery, simply click “Delete Gallery”. You can also delete individual photos if you want instead of an entire gallery.

16. I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

A: To reset your password, click on Forgot Password. An email will be sent to the address we have on record and will prompt you on how to reset your password.

17. How do I create a Legacy Video?

A: A Legacy Video allows you to upload multiple photos and create a video of any length. You can add as many photos to a Legacy Video as you like. With a Legacy Video, you can rotate the images to different directions, you can set the length of time an image displays and set the entire video to an audio file of your choosing. The audio file can be music or a voice over recording. Legacy Videos can be private or shared with your friends. You can also include Legacy Videos in Time Capsules.

18. What kind of audio files can I use in a video?

A: You can use MP3 or WAV files in a Legacy Video.

19. How can I chat with other friends online?

A: To chat with your friends, see which of your friends are online and open a chat window and begin messaging your friend. You can see who is available online to chat by whether or not a green or red dot appears next to the user’s name. A red dot means the user is offline and a green dot means the user is online.

20. How do I delete or make changes to my account?

A: To make changes to your account, go to Settings. There you will have the option to change your email address, update your profile address, change your time zone, set your privacy settings and networks, change when you receive notifications, change your password or delete your account.

B: Once you delete your account you will need to create a new one if you decide to sign up for Legacy MessagesTM again, as we will not save your information.

21. Does Legacy MessagesTM own my content?

A: For a full explanation of our Terms & Conditions for accessing the site including copyright issues, please click here.

22. How do I contact support for help?

A: If you need help with Legacy MessagesTM or have another issue to resolve, you can reach us via our contact form by clicking here.

23. If there is a question we have not covered in our FAQ, click here to contact us.

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